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Animated GIFs

M2M's Animation Tutorial

Making an Anigif

2004-11-22 02:04:12 PM Peteykins [TotalFark]
Using ImageReady to make animated gifs is easy. The most hassle-free way would be to make all the "frames" in Photoshop and put them in the correct order. Next, open the file in ImageReady (or, in PS7 or CS, hit the "send to ImageReady" button at the bottom of the toolbar). Open your 'animation' palette and choose, from the popup menu, "make frames from layers." Now all you have to do is adjust the time for each frame, etc., preview the gif, and then save the optimized gif file. Easy as pie!

Compressing an Anigif

2004-10-03 02:18:23 PM mumbling2myself [TotalFark]
First you click on the little arrow thingy at the upper right of the animation palette, and select 'optimize animation.' Now go to the optimization palette (you might have to open this through the 'view' menu). Select .gif and then season to taste. To save your optimized, select file/save optimized.