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JPEG Artifacts

2004-08-12 11:33:14 AM Blues_X [TotalFark]
One thing I've discovered... if you have a really noisy jpeg image (or a digital camera image with a lot of noise), go look at the color channels. Often, just one channel will hold most of the noise. Give that one channel a slight gaussian blur, and often the noise is reduced.

2004-08-12 11:38:00 AM modified_dangler [TotalFark]
Or you can use the channel mixer (Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer) to mix in percentages of the good channels into the bad one to make it look a little better. You'll probably have to color correct it after though.

2004-08-12 12:45:32 PM modified_dangler [TotalFark]
I can't find a tutorial about this but basically what you do is duplicate the image, and run median followed by a slight gaussian blur on the copy. Then set the copy blending mode to "color" and merge the two layers together. This will get rid of some of the yucky color artifacts.

2004-08-12 12:58:54 PM modified_dangler [TotalFark]
Image Dr.
I always end up running unsharp mask on the image after using that though.