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Keyboard Shortcuts

b brush m marquee tools
[ smaller brush l lasso tools
] larger brush w magic wand
ctrl [ softer brush p pen
ctrl ] harder brushcrtl-shift i invert selected area
x switch colors ctrl a select all
e eraser tools delete delete selected area
t text tool  
v move layer's contents h hand grab
ctrl c copy space bar (hold) hand grab
ctrl v paste s clone stamp
ctrl j copy and paste into new layer o burn/dodge
ctrl-shift-alt new layer r blur/sharpen
crtl-shift-alt e merge visible into current layer ctrl u hue/saturation
crtl [ move layer above ctrl-shift u desaturate
ctrl ] move layer below ctrl t free transform
ctrl n new file f (x1) full screen
crtl s save file f (x2) fuller screen
crtl o open file f (x3) normal screen
ctrl + zoom in tab hide/show palettes
ctrl - zoom out  

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More comprehensive lists available for download
Lists include files for PS 5 through CS2 for both PC and Mac

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